Eyed By Many Men – Stainless Steel BBQ Grills


There would appear to be two types of men: those that love the out-of-doors and those that love doing outdoor cooking. Those men that fall into the latter category usually feel drawn to any exhibit of stainless steel BBQ grills. Such an exhibit might be expected to contain varied types of grilling equipment.If that exhibit intended to provide a complete overview of the gear available to the typical backyard cook, it would include examples of gas, electric and charcoal grills. Any grilling surface in an outdoor environment must have a source of heat. That heat source can be lighted gas, lighted coals or heated electrical elements.Today, most gas powered grills rely on the gaseous contents of a propane tank. The position of that tank depends on the nature of the grilling surface. It could be something built into a backyard wall, something on top of a cart, something that sits atop a post or a structure that has been designed to go on an outdoor table.Like their gas powered counterparts, the grilling surfaces that depend on an electrical heat source come in a variety of styles: built-in, on a cart, on a post and fitted with small legs, so that it can sit on a table. While charcoal works well in any grill with one of the four styles named above, it also fires up nicely in a metal container that is low to the ground.That container could be part of a cast iron Hibachi grill, or it could well be a rectangular object fashioned from steel. The makers of stainless steel BBQ grills should consider taking a trip to Iran, or visiting a place where many Iranians are having a picnic. There they would discover a low to the ground, rectangular structure that facilitates preparation of delicious kebabs.


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